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A majority of students do not receive the grades they expect when it comes to submitting literature reviews. The predicament that occurs when composing a literature review is a result of the juxtaposition of the task. A proficiently written literature review integrates the source elements in a way it reflects a summary as well as the description of the included sources.

Another obstructing factor that impedes the deliverance of high grades is the lack of knowledge on the subject. A majority of the students are not able to comprehend the various categories of literature reviews. As a consequence, they are unable to compose an efficient review that is in accordance with the demands of their professor. However, the writers at our services have the experience to identify the type of review required by the professor and construct it accordingly. There are several classes of literature reviews such as:

  • Argumentative Review: In this class of reviews, the writer is asked to either support or write against the viewpoint presented in the source. Hence, it requires full comprehension of the research along with skills to critically analyse the study in terms of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Integrative Review: An integrative literature review involves reading up on a myriad of critical analysis conducted on a particular research topic and compile it in a way that it establishes grounds for a new discussion to be formed.
  • Historical Review: As the name suggests, historical reviews require an extensive amount of research to be carried out as they study the research topic from its origins to the level of development that has been reached on that aspect to this day.
  • Methodological Review: This category of literature review highlights the methodology and procedure acquired to reach the results. Hence, its focus is on the sample, interviewing, data collection and data analysis, method, tools utilised as well as the ethical consideration during the conduction of the study.
  • Systematic Review: A systematic review is a summary of an already conducted research. Its focus lies on the explanation of the cause and effect relationship between two or more factors.
  • Theoretical Review: Lastly, a theoretical review involves learning of a variety of studies and pointing out the similarities and the relationships formed between them in order to shed light on the reliability and validity of the existing researches.

Benefit From The Collaborative Camaraderie Of British Assignment Writers

As British Assignment Writers is a solution based company, we ensure that we have employed a team of writers who work well together in order to produce high-quality content. At our workplace, we believe that communication is the key to a successful product. For that reason, our teams follow a strategy of fellowship to achieve the same objective. First, our customer service representatives communicate the client’s vision effectively to our expert writers and researchers. Next, the research department scans multiple sources to educate themselves on the literature thoroughly and then educate the writers on its contents. This way, the writers possess a high knowledge on the issue and therefore, are able to construct masterpieces that results in exceptional grades!

What Makes Our Literature Review Stand Out!

As experts in the field, we understand that mental processes of professors when they grade the student’s projects. Hence, we create literature reviews that catches the eyes of the audience. The inclusion of a literature review sample presented on our website allows our potential customers to be aware of our quality. We incorporate the following elements that allows our work to shine:

  • Innovative sentence structure.
  • Fresh, unique researches.
  • Advanced vocabulary.
  • In-depth critical analysis of the researches.
  • Inventive angle to tackle the task.

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