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Congratulations on completing your assignment! However, is it 100% correct and properly done? As a student, you might have made mistakes that only our experts can fix. Therefore, choose our assignment proofreading and editing service to submit perfect assignments every time.

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We know how much academic pressure you’re suffering from at the moment. If you have been able to complete dozens of time-sensitive assignments, kudos for the effort. However, you might have rushed your assignment. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, your professor will expect 100% quality and perfection from your assignment. If there are any mistakes in your work, they will grade you accordingly. Working so hard and scoring unsatisfactory grades is never a good thing. So, before you upload the unedited draft of your assignment, you should get our assignment editing help.

British Assignment Writers has been providing academic writing services for many years. Our assignment editing help is just one of our many services. We hire the best academic editors who know how to efficiently and thoroughly scan a paper to find out its shortcomings. They also know how to enhance your assignment while ensuring correctness.

With our assignment editing service, you can:

  • Submit perfect final drafts
  • Score the grades you deserve
  • Learn about your academic weaknesses
  • Use the editing time in completing other assignments
  • Learn how to proofread your assignments
  • Clear your misconceptions

Looking for expert editing and proofreading help? British Assignment Writers is the only option you got. We are a proofreading and editing service in the UK, having a highly talented team who have enhanced and perfected thousands of assignments and research papers. We have multiple years of experience in providing high-quality academic help. Our quality standards are so high, they are unachievable for our competitors. So place your order today and turn in the flawless final draft of your assignment.

Why Hiring An Assignment Proofreader and Editor From British Assignment Writers Could Be A Great Investment?

We are glad you have started to realise that hiring an assignment proofreader and editor can turn out to be extremely beneficial for you. However, there are many freelancers and websites online offering assignment editing services in UK. Just go to any freelance website, and you will see dozens of assignment editing gigs. Just search “proofread my assignment online”, and you will see multiple advertisements for proofreading and editing services UK. There are so many services you can opt for. But are those services reliable? No!

You can’t trust a freelancer with your assignments, as there is no margin for error. Furthermore, they have only a few positive reviews and ratings, so hiring them is certainly not a favourable or reliable option.

There are other academic writing websites as well. They invest heavily in advertisements and try to attract students to their website. As students are desperate to score well in their assignments, they buy their assignment proofreading help. Unfortunately, as most of their investment goes towards marketing, these websites degrade the quality of their service by hiring amateur academic experts who make many mistakes while editing and proofreading your assignment.

If you are looking for reliable proofreading help online, you should go for the website that began offering the best editing and proofreading services before anyone else. British Assignment Writers is, without a doubt, the best proofread and editing service. Our assignment editor will point out even the tiniest mistakes in your assignments to ensure absolute correctness. Moreover, they will edit your assignment and enhance it so much that your professor will be impressed with your work. Here are a couple of reasons why British Assignment Writers is miles ahead of its competition:

The Best Assignment Proofreading Experts

We only recruit the most talented, experienced, and efficient assignment proofread experts in the UK. They have impressive job success rates and can help you score the grades you’ve always dreamt of.

Unlimited Revisions

If you feel we didn’t edit your assignment according to your requirements, you can send it back for revision. British Assignment Writers offer unlimited revisions with every order – and it’s free!

Do I Need To Buy An Online Proofreading and Editing Service?

We do not doubt your abilities in academic writing. You might be quite knowledgeable about your assignment topic, which is why you believe you won’t need to hire an online proofreading and editing service for your assignments. Here are some of the most common mistakes students make while writing assignments:


If you are writing your assignment on a text editor like Microsoft Word, the software will detect faulty mistakes and help you correct them with ease. However, sometimes, students use US English in their assignments instead of UK English. Some professors might not be okay with this mistake and can deduct a few marks. Our assignment editor and proofreader will scan your work for such mistakes.


Students from all around the world come to the UK for education. Therefore, many non-native English speakers are studying in the UK universities. However, whether you are a native or a non-native speaker, you will make grammatical errors while writing your assignment. Therefore, we will proofread your assignment and make it grammatically perfect.


No matter how good you are at speaking English, you will make a few punctuation mistakes. Professors can get a bit nit-picky when it comes to punctuation. They might spot these mistakes instantly and deduct marks. We will correct all of your assignment’s punctuation errors.


If you are writing information in your assignment without proper continuity, your professor will have a hard time reading and understanding your content. We will help you write your answer clearly. We will also help you properly transition between different paragraphs and headings.

Choose Your Writer

Want to work with an assignment proofreader and editor? Here are some of our highly qualified and top-rated experts:

We Are One of the Best Proofreading and Editing Services UK

It’s difficult to find reliable proofreading help online when so many options are at your disposal. But, if you want to score well and open doors to exciting career opportunities, opt for British Assignment Writers. For more than a decade, we have been helping students in the UK improve their assignments and submit error-free drafts. As a result, our quality standards are incredibly high and consistent, which has helped us remain ahead of other proofreading and editing services UK. Instead of making a profit, we focus mostly on helping students to manage their assignments and help them become better learners.

While we never compromise on quality, we have compromised our service’s pricing. We make sure our rates are affordable for every student. When everything is getting expensive due to inflation, we have still managed to keep our prices as low as possible. You choose British Assignment Writers for editing and proofreading your assignment, and here are some features that’ll influence your decision:

  • On-Time Submissions – Even for Rush Orders
  • Unlimited Revisions – For No Cost At All
  • 100% Original Research Material
  • 100% Original Research Material
  • Optional Plagiarism Report
  • Occasional Discounts
  • 15% Discount On The First Order
  • Native-English Speakers
  • Customer Assistance in Local Language
  • 100% Ownership
  • Well-Formatted Bibliography
  • Authentic Sources

Choose Our Assignment Proofreading Service

If you think your assignments have some mistakes and you can’t spot them, it’s better to buy our assignment proofreading service. Students make various mistakes while writing their assignments. They think their work is perfect. However, that’s often not the case. Our assignment editor will thoroughly read your assignment and point out major and minor mistakes in your paper’s content. They will send you a report that will highlight your mistakes and guide you on how you can improve your assignment.

Choose Our Assignment Editing Service

If you want someone to find mistakes in your assignment and edit it accordingly, you should opt for our assignment editing service. We’ll not only eliminate errors in your assignment, but we’ll also add relevant content to improve the readability and credibility of your work.

If you are interested in our proofreading and editing services UK, place an order today! Have any questions for our representatives? Feel free to contact us at 0203-034-0482 or [email protected].


Client Reviews

We have the highest customer satisfaction rate compared to other proofreading and editing services UK. Here are some reviews that show how delighted students in the UK are with our expert editing and proofreading help:

Brittany Kingston

I had to solve a really hard programming assignment, and even though I did manage to complete it, I had doubts about its quality. Moreover, I was not sure whether my answers were accurate enough. So, I went for British Assignment Writers’ assignment proofreading help. Their assignment editor cooperated with me, pointed out the errors in my assignment, and helped me fix those mistakes.

Order # 15331 | Assignment Proofreading Service Completed in 1 Day | 23 Hours Ago
Dave Baker

I am quite satisfied with their service. I wanted to hire an assignment editor to proofread my assignment online. Most websites were offering extremely expensive packages. However, British Assignment Writers designed a custom assignment editing service package for me, which was economical. They greatly improved the quality of my assignment.

Order # 14998 | Assignment Editing Service Completed in 3 Days | 8 Hours Ago
Jamie Hardy

Jason was the assignment editor working on my history assignment, and he found out that my content lacked clarity. So he enhanced my assignment and added information that supported my topic better. I loved his work, and I’ll consider British Assignment Writers for my other assignments.

Order # 15842 | Assignment Proofreading Service Completed in 1 Day | 12 Hours Ago

Client Testimonials

If you want to choose the best assignment proofreader or editor for your coursework, go for British Assignment Writers. Here are some of our clients’ feedback:

Frequently Asked Questions

Students often make various mistakes that negatively impact their scores. By proofreading, we’ll scan your assignment for various types of errors and tell you what needs to be improved in your assignment. Then, if you go for our assignment editing service, we will remove these errors and enhance your assignment accordingly.

Absolutely! Only an editor who has expertise in your assignment’s topic can proofread and edit your work correctly. Our team of expert editors who have degrees and certifications in various subjects. So, even if your topic is not common, our editors will add relevant and accurate content to your assignment.

We can proofread, edit, and deliver your assignment to you as soon as you want. While quoting you the price, we’ll also mention the delivery time. If you want your assignment a bit earlier, you will have to pay a higher fee. If it’s impossible to edit and submit your assignments on your deadlines, we will simply refuse your order and refund your payment.

To place an order on our website, you can:

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  • Mention your requirements to our customer support representatives via phone, email, or live chat.
  • Complete payment and our experts will start working on your project.
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