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Want to Know Why You Got Scored Low on Your Coursework?

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It’s a very sad day for a student to receive their coursework with a lot of red marks or an F grade. These are way poor grades than they used to get. They are in dread of taking their assignment home and showing it to their parents. It is no use crying over spilled milk because what’s done is done. The time is over; however, they can reflect and assess why they failed to secure better grades.

You did not hire an essay help UK

At times, the student knows that the requirements of the assignment or essay help UK are above and beyond their understanding. Or, they have started their work at the eleventh hour. When students find themselves in such situations, they need to make a quick decision to hire an academic writing company’s services. Those who decide against it have to suffer the consequences in the form of low grades.

They don’t start on time

A lot of marks are kept for timely submissions and certainly, a good impression is made when the assignment is submitted in a timely fashion. However, students tend to procrastinate. They leave their assignments for later because it has a long duration of submission time. They only start after hearing that other students have started. When they realize that it contains so much work and involves surveys and research and they find obstacles on the way. Soon, they are short of time and have to rush to complete their work, which, of course, is not their best.

They make study groups that become a frivolous gathering

Making study groups is a good idea to work on the given assignments. Students can delegate the work amongst each other so they can get done with it faster. But what happens is that students tend to have conflicts in the group. They may not agree with the leader and they don’t abide by the leader. 

Students who are given tasks do not complete part of their work and make the whole group suffer. Or it could be that when they sit together in a group, they spend their time making jokes and making merry rather than working on the assignment. 

The result is a lot of time spent and no work is done and the assignment is incomplete. And then, the students blame each other and the teacher is more concerned with the submission of assignment and not their conflicts.

They haven’t followed the instructions 

Many teachers would give certain rubrics to students to know how they will be assessed on the coursework writing. Some students are given instructions about plagiarism, the number of words, the main contents, and how it is to be done. Now students sometimes fail to read the instructions carefully and jump into starting the assignment because they want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. When the student has not followed the given guidelines, they lose marks.

They haven’t taken the assignment seriously 

In a class, some students are non-serious or who do not put great emphasis on the assignment. These students wait for their class fellows to do it to either copy it or take a lot of help from it. Since they haven’t worked hard at it, it proves to be of a low standard. The assignment shows that the student has put in very little effort, and so the teacher gives it a low grade.

The presentation is poor 

Whether handwritten or printed, presentation plays a big part because when a teacher has so many copies to go through, they appreciate the good presentation and easy to read handwriting. If the font is not correct, the print is hazy; the handwriting is sloppy and difficult to comprehend and not legible. The student will have to suffer from the consequences of submitting an untidy paper.

They have not reviewed the work before submitting it

Students have not bothered to review the assignment, and so, there are mistakes such as grammar and spelling mistakes and the mentioned facts because they have not proofread the work before submitting it. Going through the assignment carefully is of utmost importance because many errors can be identified. If not, then the student will have to bear the consequences in the form of low grades.   


The marks of every assignment are combined to make the overall grade of the student. The weightage kept for assignments are easy marks to score. If students put in the effort to do well in their coursework, they can attain a higher GPA.      

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