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Series Fresh Graduates: Selling Yourself Too Short? Here’s how you get Your First Job!

By perry on Friday, April 9th, 2021 No Comments

When you go to the market, what kind of products do you look for? The ones that meet your requirements and fit the bill, right? So, what do you think is the recruitment procedure like?

What do you think are the steps to land the job that you desire? Should we always complain and whine about the fact that companies only want “experience”, or should we take a look at our resume and see where improvement is required?

When you apply for a job, as a candidate, your job is to tell your brand story. You are basically going there as a potential asset and how well you present yourself is crucial. It’s absolutely critical to know how to build your brand and expand the message forward so that people know who you are all about.

But all of these things are easier said than done. When someone tells you that you need to learn to sell your brand to recruiters and prospects, you’re more likely to blank out and feel intimidated by the unknown – because you’ve never really been taught how to sell yourself in the market in school.

This is a grave mistake as it can ruin your career – the initial stages are the most critical as they either set you on the right path or they completely deprive you of reaching your true potential. When you graduate from college, you might feel intimidated by the fact that you’re on your own. The next thing is the flood of information, which tends to overwhelm you. It can all be challenging to handle, and that’s why we’re here to assist you. We’re going to be the career counsellors you never had.

Your brand is the culmination of all the skills that you possess and excel in. And more importantly, your brand is about how you showcase those skills. Has anyone taught you about this in school? Do you wish to learn and adopt a few techniques? Increase your career prospects and transform yourself into an asset by following the guidelines below.

Just a disclaimer – we’re not going to tell you which skill is needed to land your most desirable job. On the contrary, we’re going to tell you how to build a brand and make it accessible.


Have a Message

Once you know what you’re capable of and what you can offer to the company, it becomes easier to communicate your demands and potential. All you need is a simple mission statement – now you will be wondering why that? Because generally, companies have a mission statement. But that’s not going to be the case here. Your mission statement will include a brief summary of your experience.

Since you’ve just graduated, it will come in handy and help the company tap into your potential even more. Just write down a couple of sentences, who you are and what do you intend to do with your skills?

Have a business card if you want to be an entrepreneur – you must always be ready in your mind to sell your product or services because you can find customers anywhere and everywhere. In addition, you should have a pitch in your mind prepared – think of it like an “elevator pitch”. Of course, your brand will expand and it will become better and more innovative in time but you have to start from someplace.


Look Up the Places You Want To Work At

Are there any particular companies where you feel you’ll be able to flourish the most? Do you wish to optimize your potential and reach the top? Is there a particular company that you think carries the same objectives as you? Always do your research before applying for a job.

And also, when they do call you for an interview, be ready to sell your skills proficiently. The most basic thing that you need to sell your brand is a strong sense of conviction. Make sure that you’re confident because if you’re not sure yourself, then how can you expect others to put their faith in you?


Have Evidence and Exposure

When you’re sitting with an interviewee and they ask you why you’re the one for the job, what do you think is the right answer? Honestly, this is the time where you can’t brag about your skills. This is the time to show them that you’re confident and it’s the company that needs to tell you why you must choose them.

Turn the tables around and don’t oversell and compensate by sharing stories of your childhood. Back your statements with facts and stories – tell them about that one time you managed to do something extraordinary in college. Tell them about your ambitions and aspirations. What does a do my assignment service say when it’s selling its services? It tells you what it can do to help you without exaggerating.

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