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How to Change Your Career?

By perry on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 No Comments

Starting a job soon after college or finding one after months of struggling feels refreshing, especially when you’re new at the routine. But then weeks turn into months and months into years, and you begin to question whether you like the job or not. If the emotions related to your profession hint toward something negative, then you know it is time to change your job.


In America, one out of five adults suffer from mental health issues, and most of them are related to the stress individuals have to face at work. So if you feel that you are not satisfied with your career or you are barely “surviving”, following the routine of paycheck to paycheck, you must consult a counsellor and bring a change in your life.


However, making this decision is not easy, and we understand that because there are many risks involved with starting over. This is why we have compiled a guide for your reference.

Make a Plan


You cannot change your job overnight and therefore, you need to have a set plan to start something new. If the career path you have chosen requires a new skill, then try to enrol into the classes to learn. Always have the primary objective in mind because the list you make might take a lot of effort, so do not give up.

Be Realistic


If you are switching careers, then you need to be 100% decisive and have confidence in your abilities. Make a list of pros and cons to see if the path you are going for is practical or not. The career might require moving as other places can have better prospects related to the interest so, consider everything before moving in that direction.

Pick a Counsellor


Finding a mentor who is already working in the job you have a passion for can really help you with the change. They can notify you about the drawbacks and advantages of being in that position, so look out for those people and seek their guidance. Moreover, they can inform you about the set of skills required for the job, and you can also learn from their mistakes.

Check How Much it Pays


Now while it is important to switch careers, you need to see if the salary is sustainable. It does not have to be more than your current one since that would take time. But be practical, so you do not suffer financially later on. Moreover, if you are planning to switch jobs, then you need to think long-term. Therefore, start saving while you are at the current job, so even if your next career does not start well, you have enough means to survive.

Start with the Basics


An effective way of gaining knowledge about the prospects of the career you are switching to is by volunteering for it after work. For instance, if you realise you want to pursue stand-up comedy, then go to cafes and utilise platforms that cater to open-mic sessions to assess your skills. You can also observe other people and make improvements in your piece and with time and enough experience, you would be ready to switch to this path.

Make a Resume


Now, this is a requirement for any job whatsoever. Whether you plan to pursue a career in writing, singing or science, you need to show relevant experience in your portfolio for employers to consider you. If you do not have one already, you can acquire the assignment help online for your resume and start looking for a job. Remember that organisations do not just want to see performance results, they also value determination. So, once you decide to switch your career, remain firm on it.


Many people will tell you that you are making a mistake by leaving a stable job, but you deserve to be happy and satisfied with the working conditions as finances are not the only aspect to consider.

Very few people have the guts to break away from the cycle and pursue their passion, and if it took you time to realise your dream profession, it is not something to fret over. Talk to mentors to see what the prospects are and then build your portfolio to start afresh.

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