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Can Certain Traits Predict Leadership Success?

By perry on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 No Comments

Leadership is one of the most commonly discussed topics today. When we discuss politics, the matter of leadership comes at the top. Is Donald Trump fit for the leadership position? Can the President of Pakistan, who is also a former cricketing captain of his country, lead his nation smoothly?

It isn’t simply limited to politics; the matter of leadership is consistently brought up in psychology and group dynamics. When you do theatre and sports, even then you are positioned based on your leadership skills. Hence, it can be established that whenever human beings are discussed, their traits and qualities are also conversed upon.

There have been several theories that openly dissect and elaborate on the traits. More importantly, they are concerned about whether or not you are born as a leader, or you adopt leadership qualities as you grow older.

So, what do you think are the traits that are linked with leadership? Empathy, sensitivity, interpersonal and intrapersonal traits are all related to the high emotional quotient. Similarly, there are a number of traits that are purely considered to show high leadership qualities.

For example, if a group of classmates come up to you, and ask you for your help with a difficult course, what would you do? What will be your reaction when they ask you to “write my assignment”? Would you solve their issues and guide them the steps to solve the assignment? Or would you try to get out of the situation as you don’t need more responsibility? If you choose to help, you show leadership signs.

Thus, below are some of the leadership qualities that you need to have to show admirable leadership abilities.


Action-Oriented Judgment


A leader should have the ability to recognise strengths and weaknesses instantly. Their judgment should be quick, and they need to be motivated to take action without hesitation. If they keep second-guessing themselves and waste time excessively, they’re probably not leadership worthy. Some people are built to follow while others are born to lead. However, this doesn’t mean that leaders are supposed to be impulsive and spontaneous. On the contrary, they are quick to think on their toes and believe in taking calculated risks.


Task Competence


A leader is supposed to direct people. He/she should have the skill, expertise, and talent to motivate and lead people. This also means that a leader should show people how things are done. Words are meaningless if the person can’t practically demonstrate them. Therefore, a great leader shows task competence.


Eagerness to Accept Responsibility


On a general basis, we come across two kinds of people. There are people who show resilience and an innate eagerness to prove themselves. Due to this reason, they take up more responsibilities on their shoulder. However, we also come across people who actually do the opposite. When they see responsibility, they begin to walk in the other direction.


Need for Achievement


As mentioned above, a leader should have an eagerness to accept responsibility. They want to prove themselves. They experience a high when they achieve something extraordinary. Therefore, they believe in struggle and hard work. They are hungry for work as it increases their self-worth.




Are you someone who gives up too quickly? Do you like challenges? If you’re someone who is easily demotivated, then you probably have low levels of perseverance. This is a trait that very few people possess. A person who needs success to continue shows low signs of perseverance. Therefore, as a leader, you should have an innate motivation to surpass obstacles.


Adaptability and Flexibility


If you’re someone who follows a set pattern, then you will show problems in a leading position. Hence, a person who is easily flexible in all kinds of environment and someone who always has a contingency plan will be adaptable and flexible.


Emotional Stability


A leader should be emotionally stable. If you’re moody and constantly making plans based on your mood, you’re doomed. When you have people looking up to you, you have no room for mood swings. You can throw tantrums either. Thus, be emotionally stable and assertive.


Thus, it can be established that as a leader, you need to be action-oriented, flexible, emotionally stable, and competent. Furthermore, you need to show passion and eagerness to accept responsibility and perseverance.

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