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When students find the time to complete their academic projects, they consider that as an achievement on its own. As a consequence of this, they procrastinate the proofreading of their writing task and submit a document comprising of errors.

An academic project filled with major errors not only contribute to the deduction of marks but also results in the student’s lack of credibility in terms of their projects. For that reason, British Assignment Writers offers students with the fortune that permits a team of professional proof-readers to thoroughly scan their written document for any sort of spelling, grammar and syntax errors. Our proofreading services are designed explicitly for students, so they are motivated to write their projects without being held back by the fear of making mistakes. Our website relies on our client’s trust in our abilities, hence we certify the maintenance of their faith in our services.

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Our organisation believes in the individuality of talents. We understand that while our clients are the master of their own fields, they can still lack the skills to write flawless academic content. In regards to this, we offer our proofreading and editing services, so that our clients can submit their projects with the confidence of a top grade! Our experts scan the document for the following errors:

  • Spelling: Most of our clients- native and non-native speakers of the English language, struggle with spellings when it comes to writing. The most common dilemma faced by students is the application of British versus American spellings. Our editors examine the project word by word to certify the accuracy in the usage, which is often left undetected by advanced spell check software programs.
  • Grammar: Next, we ensure the proper use of syntax and grammatical tenses in the client’s writing. Our editing service makes the necessary changes in the client’s documents, thus ensuring that the client’s work is written prodigiously.
  • Punctuation: Our teams comprise of highly skilled experts with an impressive background in the English language. As a result, our editors detect a punctuation mistake from a mile away. We comprehend the importance in the accuracy of punctuation, therefore our experts repair those mistakes before they impact the client’s grades.
  • Transitional: For a written paper to be appealing to its readers, smooth transitions between paragraphs is necessary. On that premise, our services read the client’s paper out loud, thus utilising two of our senses to detect the probable mistakes. As a result, we locate any awkward transitions within paragraphs and embellish the document to manufacture an overall cohesive project.
  • Application: In many cases, students attempt to aggrandise their papers by using heavy vocabulary. We encourage their efforts to enhance their language. However, in case the clients use a word that doesn’t fit the context, our editors replace the said word with a much fitting term.

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When clients come to us, we wish to create an environment in which they feel comfortable. On that account, we allow our amiable customer service representatives to be made available to chat with our clients during all hours of the day. With our 24 hours live chat, clients can get in touch with our organisation and receive their work- proofread and edited, before their date of submission! Our on-time delivery services never fail to please our clients. Hence, we earn the client’s trust and encourage them to avail our facilities in the future!

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British Assignment Writers is a writing facility that renders academic assistance to students studying. Nevertheless, under no given circumstances can our customers submit our assistance as their own work.

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