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How to Make Your Home Secure?

By perry on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 No Comments

Even though the use of technology has lowered the rate of thefts in houses, it is still one of the most reported crimes around the world. About 1.4 million home burglaries are reported every year, which necessitates residential security. So, if your neighbourhood is unsafe, then you need to consider safety precautions to ensure you are not a potential target.

Many incidents happen, especially when residents are careless about the security of their houses. So, assignment writing service online has compiled a list of measures that you can employ.

Lock All Your Doors

The easiest way for a thief to enter your house is by using the front or back door. According to a report, one-third of burglaries happen when residents forget to double-check the bolts on their doors.

Now even though you are at home, you need to fasten all the locks in your house, and this ranges from the front door, back door, kitchen door or any possible entrance that could help the burglar in entering your house.

Monitoring the passages have become easy today with smart locks that automatically lock behind you. So get rid of the stress of manually checking all doors.


When the weather is nice, you prefer to keep the windows open, but thieves are looking for these opportunities to invade your house. National Criminal Justice Reference Service reported that glass windows are easier to access, and therefore, you should not just lock all the passages but also use sensors that ring the alarm upon trespassing.

Moreover, if you still want the fresh breeze to enter your house, you can install window stoppers that fulfil the purpose without allowing the gap for entrance.


Burglars love to enter from dark places where the visibility is relatively low so, make sure you leave the lights on, even when you are out on vacation. Smart lights can be installed on your phone, and the device can let you control the system in various rooms. So even if you prefer the lights inside the house switched off during the night, leave the ones out on the patio on so if there is any indication of a thief, your neighbours can see them. Motion sensors that light up whenever there is a movement can also be used to scare the burglars away.

Get a Dog

If a burglar is observing your daily routine, then they might know about the timings of your absence from the house, especially during the day time. 60% of reported burglaries happen when adults are out for work, so getting a dog might make your house secure. The larger the size, the more effective role they can play in frightening away any trespassers.

Small dogs can also bark and alert the neighbours about thieves, so make sure you adopt a pet to keep your house safe. If you are going out on vacation, leave the toys or food tray of your pets outside to indicate that your dog is around.

Invest in Cameras

Monitor any suspicious activity inside or outside of your house by installing security cameras. If you are placing one outside, then make sure it is visible at the entrance to scare the thieves away. They would not want to risk their footage and might run away.

However, in any case, sync those devices to your smartphone so it can notify you of any strange visitors because sometimes, thieves destroy the footage, but an indicator can save it on your device and help in catching the burglar.

Secure Your Wi-Fi

With the advancement in technology, thieves have also upgraded their techniques and can hack into your wireless network if it isn’t password-protected. This allows them to view your social media accounts and billing information, so if you are going on vacation, they might be aware of it and target your house. Therefore, keep the connect private and change passwords frequently with WPA or WPA2 encryption.

Using these tips, you can ensure the security of your house. If your house is in a dark corner, then keep your lawn clean, so burglars don’t creep in the bushes at night. Also, avoid using common cabinets for hiding valuables so that even if the privacy is compromised, you do not suffer a huge loss.

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